Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cleaning your ID Card Printer

ID card printers are an investment that your business or company makes.  So how do we maintain them to ensure that they continue to provide us with the highest quality printing? 
Most all ID card printer manufacturers’ recommend cleaning the print heads each and every time that you change your ribbons.  This removes any dust or debris which may be present on the print heads.  Some manufacturers provide cleaning cards with each new ribbon.  These cleaning cards can be run through your printer prior to installing your new ribbon.  This takes only a few minutes to do.  Additional cleaning kits can also be purchased which contain cleaning cards, cleaning swabs or a cleaning pen to clean the print heads.  All ID card printer manufacturers recommend that you purchase only the cleaning kits made for your brand of printer to ensure that your printer is cleaned appropriately and continues to provide you with the utmost in quality printing. 
Absolute Access carries a full line of cleaning kits available for your card printer.  Please contact us today if you have any questions about which cleaning kit is best for you or about caring for your ID card printer. Call us at 865-771-9697 or visit us on line at
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