Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We offer a complete line of proximity credentials from the industry's leading manufacturers

Absolute Access carries a complete line of proximity cards and access control credentials from the industry’s leading manufacturers.
HID is a well-known leader in the physical access control, logical access and secure government identification.  HID’s credentials range from standard proximity of 125 kHz to iClass, Corporate 1000, Crescendo and MIFARE.
XceedID by Allegion is also a leader in the security industry.  XceedID’s credentials consist of standard proximity, multi technology and smart cards.  XceedID’s proximity cards and credentials are also able to interface with many of the industry’s leading proximity readers and may be a cost effective solution for your company or business.
We also carry AWID’s line of proximity cards, key fobs and tags.  AWID is commonly used by many businesses and organizations across the USA.  AWID provides top level security by offering their standard low frequency proximity line, their high frequency smart card line and their ultra-high frequency line for graphics cards, clamshell cards and hang tags which allow readability up to 20 feet.
Farpointe has been a provider of ID cards and credentials and have set the benchmark for reliability.   Some of Farpointe’s pyramid series of cards and credentials are designed to work with select HID and AWID readers.  Farpointe offers a standard 125 kHz proximity technology, a 13.56 MHz smart card technology and a 433 MHz for long range technology.
Identiv credentials offer a broad range of physical access control as well as logical access.  The Identiv credentials consist of their low frequency, 125 kHz proximity line to their 13.56 smart cards.  Identiv’s low frequency proximity credentials are able to replicate many proprietary formats ranging from HID, AWID, DSX, Simplex, Keyscan, AMAG and Casi Rusco, while saving expense for the end user on these formats.  Identiv also just recently introduced their uTrust line of credentials and readers for the ultimate security in converged access.  Their uTrust credentials are designed for use with information security, desktop login, digital signatures, email security and remote access.
Absolute Access offers very competitive pricing on any of these leading manufacturers’ credentials and we are confident that we will be able to save our customers substantially on these products.  Please browse our website for additional information and pricing at https://absoluteaccessid.com or feel free to contact a member of our sales team at 865-771-9697 for a specialized quote today!
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