Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cleaning Kits keep your ID Card Printer at its best

Cleaning Kits help maintain the performance and print quality of your ID card printer.  It is recommended that the printer and print head rollers be cleaned each and every time your replace your ID card printer ribbon.

Cleaning your card printer helps to remove any excess build-up of dust, debris or dye from the printer’s rollers.  This quick cleaning procedure will not only enhance the print quality of your printer but will also ensure that your card printer will continue to run smoothly between ribbon changes.

These kits come in a variety of options from cleaning cards to cleaning pens, rollers or swabs.  It is recommended that you use the cleaning kit that is specific to your brand of ID card printer as they are made to work with that printer’s design and to produce the optimal cleaning effect.

Please browse our variety of cleaning kits for your ID card printer on our website at or contact a member of our sales team at 855-771-9697 who will be glad to assist you!
by Cindy.

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