Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Absolute Access, an Identification and Security Badging Supply Company in Knoxville, Tennessee is growing!

Absolute Access was started in January of 2012 with a passion to provide local businesses with cost effective ID credentials.  The owner, Jolene Johnson, in her previous experience as a commercial real estate agent was displeased by the high markup placed upon these necessary security items and it quickly became her passion and desire to provide the same quality products but at a much more reasonable price.  She was also determined to treat each of her clients with the utmost in customer service and communication after the sale.  Absolute Access initially started with only a couple of employees but through their hard work and the loyalty of their local customers, the company saw a great first year in 2012.  Absolute Access has continued to expand and has now grown to a national level wherein they are able to be of service to customers across the entire USA.

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