Thursday, March 20, 2014

Increase Your Security with Expiring Temp Badges

Expiring Badges for visitors add security and the peace of mind that no individual can re-enter a facility or business at the end of their approved visit. These badges are great for schools, colleges and any organization that has to manage visitors, contractors, temporary workers, vendors and volunteers.
These badges will visibly self-expire at the pre chosen allotted time preventing the need to collect the used badges.  Our Expiring Temp Badges are available in Half-Day (approximately 4 hours), One-Day (approximately 15 hours) and One-Week (approximately 5 days).  Additional options are available from manually handwritten to thermal printable.  Expiring Badges can also be customized with your school or business name and logo.  There is an assortment of identifiable options to choose from with regard to how the expiration is displayed on the badges from red lines, color changes or "void" and some can be color coded for different groups such as "Visitor", "Vendor" "Temporary" or "Contractor".
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