Thursday, March 20, 2014

Break Away Lanyards Increase Safety

Break-Away Lanyards are a very important safety feature.

When it comes to choosing your lanyards, there is a vast array of options available however; the break-away option should be the most important.  The break-away feature increases safety for the
individuals wearing them. The break-away is a safety feature which will release under pressure to prevent injury to the wearer.  Should the lanyard get caught in machinery or equipment, the safety break-away will snap open preventing choking risk. These safety lanyards are also ideal to prevent injury to students who are required to wear them at school.  Furthermore, these lanyards can be snapped around the neck, instead of pulled over the head which may be beneficial for employees who are required to wear any type of head gear or hardhats for their work environment.
These safety lanyards come in a variety of choice options, colors and materials and can be customized with your business or school name and logo.

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